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When a student is not interested in the subject you teach.

Let’s face it up front. If a student is not interested in the subject you teach, the blame should, most of the time, follow squarely on the teacher who is teaching this subject. Any student who is intelligent and needs constant fodder to keep his fast working mind occupied needs something stronger to keep learning and if the teacher teaches a subject in a boring manner, the student will naturally lose interest. There is the crux. INTEREST. Any and every subject must be made interesting for a student to show his attention. A boring teacher who does not convey the subject matter in an effective way invites ridicule from the students. There may be some students who invariably show no interest in any subject being taught in the school but then these students are to be treated in a separate and psychological way. But most of the time it is only the hyper active minded student whose interest is not captured, shows no interest in the subject being taught. So the first and most important pre-requisite is to make the subject INTERESTING. This is how one should go about it:

  • The teacher must be TOTALLY interested in the subject he is teaching. Interest generates interest. The teacher must be interested first of all before the student takes interest. Show enthusiasm for the material being taught.
  • The attitude of the teacher must undergo a radical change. He should introspect his teaching methods. Does he come to the class listless, tired, talk like he is about to put them to sleep? This is a sure recipe for boredom.
  • Most importantly the teacher should be completely prepared on the subject matter he is teaching. He should be so thorough that he does not need to peep into his notes or refer to books each now and then and continue. He should have the subject on his finger tips which enables him to look squarely in the eye of the student who shows disinterest. If the teacher is well prepared he will be relaxed and would be able to answer any difficult questions.
  • If possible, invite other members of the staff or guest speakers to break the monotony. Different teachers covering the same subject matter will hold the interest of the student.
  • Involve the students by asking them for ideas to make class room teaching more interesting. Anytime the student is involved he would show interest as this becomes personal.
  • If the subject is difficult split it into small blocks and teach this. This makes concentration easier.
  • Split students into groups and have group exercises. Peer pressure helps students to learn faster.

Eventually it is the teacher who has the power to convert a bored student into a student who keenly learns the subject being taught.

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