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When students are absent from class regularly

In actual fact there can be only two good reasons for a student to be absent from class regularly, although many other excuses can be attributed to this malaise. One is that the student is forced to attend class by his parents/relatives despite his disinterest in studies or more commonly these days, that the student is working hard elsewhere to earn money to sustain the expenses involved in attending a school. The latter case is unfortunate although laudable but can be rectified by honest talk between the teacher/s and the particular student to ease his load both ways. He can be offered monetary help through an NGO or even a scholarship if he deserves it etc.

There is, though, a third category although rare. Some students who live in dormitories or alone elsewhere would rather prefer to stay back and study by themselves rather than attend class. This could be due to the quality of teaching of that particular subject which only reflects upon the teacher. Well, this is something that needs action of a completely different kind. Whatever the cause it is NOT a good idea for any student to “bunk” classes however boring they might be because there is something almost mystical in absorbing knowledge from a teacher. The student should realize that that there is something at least he will learn from attending class however averse he might be in doing so.

As far as the teacher is concerned, he should take this student who absents himself regularly a little more seriously. He should show personal interest in him, even going to the extent of offering his help outside class hours, in special class exclusively for him/her. The key word is ‘motivation’ and if the student gets adequate motivation the Newton’s first law of motion is set into motion...i.e once the external motivation is imparted the student will take it from there and continue to attend classes and not be a laggard.

Students will attend class if:

  • The teacher explains that the subject matter fits into a much larger picture which is more understandable and acceptable.
  • The structure of the subject matter is explained logically and easy to follow
  • The explanations are clear and the subject matter is made easy to understand.
  • The students are encouraged to ask questions and these are answered unequivocally without any confusion to the satisfaction of the student.
  • Examples are given wherever needed and to which the student can relate to.
  • The objective of the subject and the class are laid down so that the student knows what it is all about.
  • Finally the teacher should show his respect to this students without which the student are most likely to treat him with contempt.
  • The lecturer must be enthusiastic in his teaching methods and must have excellent knowledge on the subject and not hem and haw while teaching.

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