Recruiter FAQ's

How can I buy a job posting?

Buying a job posting is very easy. All you need to do is click on the ‘Buy Job Postings’ link and add the choice to the shopping cart. Once done, proceed on to checkout. We use a secure payment gateway which allows you to buy this online without any fear. In case you would like to use a cheque option instead, please send a crossed cheque for the amount in favour of Careercubicle Technologies Private Limited to Careercubicle Technologies Private Limited, 71/1 First Floor, Margosa Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560055.

How much does a Job Posting cost?

Please check our website for the cost of Job Postings.

What is a job posting/job vacancy? Why should I buy it?

A job posting allows you to advertise a vacancy that your organization might have. A job vacancy can be searched easily by prospective job seekers. They can apply for the job posting as well if they are interested in the job that is on offer.

A job vacancy posting allows you to advertise the vacancy in the web, which provides the best return on investment amongst all media. Your vacancy posting will be viewed by thousands of users who use to look for a job.

A job vacancy posting will remain in the site for 45 calendar days.

I am yet to find a candidate. Can I allow the job posting to continue?

Yes. Just refresh the posting once again and it will remain in Shikshacentre for 45 days more. However every refresh will be considered as a new job posting.

What happens to a job after it expires?

A job will automatically expire in 45 days. After this the job will not appear in any searches. You can activate it at anytime. However this will be considered as a new job posting. You can also modify the job positing at any time. You may also remove the job positing at any time.

How can I view the applications that I receive?

Simply log in to your account. You will be able to see the applications that you have received against each job positing.

At any point of time if you face any problem Email us at

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