Jobseeker FAQ's

How can I search for jobs?

There are thousands of jobs for teachers in Teaching jobs for both school and university levels are available. Jobs for almost all specializations are available.

Our search is amongst the most powerful available in the world. We use an enterprise search platform which provides you with the best results that one can ever get. A variety of techniques including synonyms, stemming and autosuggest are used in addition to other techniques to best match the search request.

Search by keywords that best represent you. You can also narrow the search one level by adding your location to the search.

Our search platform will provide you with the list of all jobs that best match your preference. On the left side of the page you will see a faceted navigators representing salary, educational qualifications etc. You can keep narrowing down the search depending on your choice. This is an extremely convenient advanced search and you can keep expanding or narrowing your criteria to provide you with the choices that you exactly need. No more confusion with the archaic advanced search feature in other job boards.

I found a job that I like and would like to apply for. What should I do now?

Great! So you have found a job (or many more) that you would like to apply to. The first step to getting started is to register with

Click “Register’. You will be asked to upload your resume (or CV or Biodata). Once you have uploaded your resume most information in your resume is automatically parsed. The advantage of parsing is that most of the information is automatically filled saving you time and making the entire process of registration easy and fun. Once you have registered you are all set to apply for the job(s) that you desire.

All you need to do is select the jobs (add them to your job cart) and click apply. You can also select the cover letter that you desire so that your application along with the cover letter will be automatically sent to the respective recruiter/employer.

Why should I register with

Registration provides you with the following advantages:

  • It helps you to apply for jobs that you would like to apply for.
  • It helps your resume be viewed by recruiters/employers.
  • You also become eligible to receive job alerts through Email. These jobs alerts best match your skills and are automatically sent. Jobs that best match your skills, competencies and desire and sent to you absolutely FREE! This ensures that you are constantly aware of the opportunities available in the market place.

Can I make my resume non-searchable?

Absolutely yes! Just make sure that the setting is appropriately changed in your profile. While you can come back and update your profile, your resume will not be searchable by any recruiter/employer.

Can my profile be edited?

Yes, of course. You are exclusively responsible for maintaining your profile. You can edit your profile anytime. It is highly recommended that you do update your profile regularly. Remember that all updates in your profile are captured in searches made by recruiters/employers.

As a jobseeker is your facility free?

Yes. This service is absolutely free for job seekers. We would however highly recommend that you also look at the ‘Resume Writing’ section in case you are looking at building a resume that best reflects you. A powerful resume is your gateway to the dream job. This service is available to all users of ShikshaCentre on very competitive terms. Your resume will be writer by a professional team and reviewed by a very senior academician.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Just click the ‘Forgot Password’ tab and follow the step by step instructions. It is very intuitive and easy.

I have a new telephone number. What should I do?

Very simple. Log in to ShikshaCentre and access your profile. Click the edit profile button. Change your phone number. We also advise you to edit the phone number in your resume so that the most updated resume is available.

Resume Writing Services

Is it safe to pay over your site?

Safe and secure transactions are very important for us. We do not save customer financial information. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) inscription technology which ensures that all transactions are secure.

How can I pay and subscribe to the services offered by

Payments are accepted using a safe and secure payment gateway in our site.

What are your delivery schedules for the services offered?

Delivery schedules are listed against each service. For calculating "Business Days" delivery, the day we receive complete information and the day our service is delivered are excluded. All Saturdays and Sundays are also excluded for the calculation of working days. For example, if a resume is ordered on Monday (complete information available with us), the new resume would be made available on Friday the same week or earlier under express delivery and Thursday of the following week for regular service.

What is the success rate for getting a job if I avail of your services?

Using our services is expected to improve the chances of securing a job though we do not claim that success is guaranteed. Getting a job depends on a number of factors of which having an effective resume is one.

How do you develop my resume?

Our resume service team brings out the important parameters that recruiters/ employees look for and present it succinctly. After all, recruiters have only a few seconds to decide whether they would like to interview a candidate. Each CV reviewed by our panel which consists of 100 years of collective senior level industry experience to make sure that you have a winning resume.

What is the cost of the services offered?

Please check our website for the prices that we charge.

How do I know the status of the service I have ordered? What if I am not satisfied?

Once payment is made, as E-mail giving your order number would be sent to you. You can use this to check the status of the service ordered. Every effort is made to ensure that an effective CV is delivered, based on the information provided to us. In case of any queries please write to us at along with your order number.

Job seekers?

  • Register your personal profile and current CV with ShikshaCentre. Should the proper opportunity arise to present you to one of our clients, we will contact you.
  • Reach out to prestigious and reputed educational / academic institutions
  • Get jobs that best match your profile in your inbox
  • Total Confidentiality, Guaranteed!
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