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Hello and welcome to a customized website crafted and designed exclusively for teachers.In the Guru-Shishya parampara to which we belong the teacher has always been held in high esteem as an epitome of values, true love, concern, dedication and often referred to as second parents.However the multidimensional changes in the world scenerio have impacted the educational sector too. The world of tomorrow will essentially be education centric powered by technology and challenged by demands from an intellectually charged student community in a virtual world.

When the world is talking about passion for excellence, cloud computing technologies to reduce costs, improving core competencies to stay ahead of the flock, can the teaching community remain complacent of the challenges ahead and turn a blind eye to the realities? Certainly not. In fact it was these concerns which worked to the creation and development of a website sensitive to the requirements of the teaching community and thus was born . Powered by the goal of empowering the teaching community with professional help in resume writing, conferences , workshops for critical skill development and other inputs for better employability, we hope ShikshaCentre will certainly create an ideal platform where best teaching talent would blend with the right opportunity. At this juncture it would be worthwhile mentioning that the current rate of growth in the education sector is 5% which means enormous new job prospects are likely to emerge in the near future creating a revolutionary change in terms of several career opportunities. . So far as the job postings are concerned ,the educational institutions can rest be assured of wide coverage in an exclusive domain of teaching professionals creating a hassle free environment in the process of faculty recruitment

As a distinguished member of the teaching faculty your guidance support and feedback will be a constant source of inspiration and strength to us. As stakeholders in the educational environment we look forward to your participation in this noble venture to ensure professionalism in education and a truly satisfying teaching career.

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