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I am from the village of Parra in Goa, hence we are called Parrikars. My village is famous for its watermelons. When I was a child, the farmers would organise a watermelon-eating contest at the

All the kids would be invited to eat as many watermelons as they wanted. Years later, I went to IIT Mumbai to study engineering. I went back to my village after 6.5 years.

I went to the market looking for watermelons. They were all gone. The ones that were there were so small.

I went to see the farmer who hosted the watermelon-eating contest. His son had taken over. He would host the contest but there was a difference.

When the older farmer gave us watermelons to eat he would ask us to spit out the seeds into a bowl. We were told not to bite into the seeds.

He was collecting the seeds for his next crop. We were unpaid child labourers, actually. He kept his best watermelons for the contest and he got the best seeds which would yield even bigger watermelons the next year.

His son, when he took over, realised that the larger watermelons would fetch more money in the market so he sold the larger ones and kept the smaller ones for the contest.

The next year, the watermelons were smaller, the year later even small. In watermelons the generation is one year. In seven years, Parra's best watermelons were finished. In humans, generations change after 25 years. It will take us 200 years to figure what we were doing wrong while educating our children.

"Unless we employ our best to train the next generation, this is what can happen to us. We must attract the best into teaching profession".

Great story indeed! Each one of us are responsible to offer our best culture to next generation!

If we don't pass on right things to next generation, they will be misguided.

Let’s face it up front. If a student is not interested in the subject you teach, the blame should, most of the time, follow squarely on the teacher who is teaching this subject. Any student who is
For every parent, his/her offspring is the apple of his/her eye. There is nothing that the child can do that is wrong. The parents or so proud of their child that they tend to be blind. Such parents
In actual fact there can be only two good reasons for a student to be absent from class regularly, although many other excuses can be attributed to this malaise. One is that the student is forced to
We are all human and it is well known that humans err. To err is human. So there is nothing wrong if a teacher makes an error. However if a student points out the mistake, somehow, the teacher may
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